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benefits of yoga

Expands your capacity to breathe deeply & fully
Prevents injury & may prevent or improve chronic illness
Promotes better sleep
Tones and defines the muscles
Weight loss or gain depending on your body’s needs
Improves posture & body awareness
Improves the healing & regenerative powers of your body
Improves T-cell function & your immune system
Improves your lymphatic system
Lengthening & strengthening of muscles
Increased flexibility
Improvement in peripheral circulation
Improvement in metabolism/digestion
Cardiovascular strengthening without negative impact
Expands your nervous system
Glands stimulated for better functioning
Muscular & Skeletal network are enhanced
Weight bearing exercise, helping prevent osteoporosis
Improves heart & lung function
Improves flexibility of your spine in its range of motion
Improved nervous system communication
Helps cultivate a sense of well being & peaceful mind
Builds mental strength
Stimulates all muscles, glands, tendons, ligaments & cells

benefits of heat

Helps body burn fat more effectively.
Produces a fluid like stretch allowing for greater range of movement in joints, muscles, ligaments & other supporting structures of the body.
Dilates capillaries dilate allowing for more effective oxygenation of the tissues, muscles, glands & organs.
Helps in the removal of waste & toxins.
Improves circulation.
Speeds up the metabolism to aid in the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids.
Strengthens willpower & determination.
Exercises the cardiovascular system.
Aids muscles and connective tissue to become more elastic.
Promotes detoxification & elimination through sweat, the skin being the body’s largest eliminating organ.

what is a sun salutation?

A sun salutation is a sequence of postures that links breath and movement. Sun Salutation A (pictured above) is the most common and links together twelve postures. These alternately stretch the spine backwards and forwards with single alternate inhalations and exhalations for each movement. All of the sun salutations warm up the body, improve circulation and help to bring the practicioner into a balanced state of mind and body.

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