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Synergy Teachers

Yoga Synergy Teachers are devoted yogis who are all certified with the Yoga Alliance. They were trained in different schools of yoga and as such have different styles and insights to share.

Beth Furman

Beth Furman, MALS, E-RYT 500, has been studying yoga, dance and many forms of movement all her life. Her teachers have been many, and her style is eclectic. Graduate work in Movement Studies at Wesleyan University gave her the skills to teach many types of movement. Shiva Rea's trainings have taught Beth about flow and creativity in a yoga practice. Mitchel Bleier's trainings honed in on alignment, and Beth's studies at Kula Yoga Project in the last few years continue to integrate the two. Experience teaching children at Kripalu and locally have given her an appreciation for spontaneity in her teaching. Ongoing study and practice with Wendy DeRosa continues to inspire her to work with the healing aspects of yoga and moving meditation. In addition, with a degree in Psychology, Beth has a strong background in the ways that all sorts of movement affect our psyche and can be a source for deep healing.

Her teaching is a practice of attention to the ways that our bodies reveal our inner workings. Beth aims to create the space in her classes for your own exploration; cultivating comfort in your own body, discovering the many ways your body can move freely and easily, and using the practice on the mat to help us relate to and be present in our lives.

Brittany Troio

Having recently completed her 200 hour teacher training at Kaia Yoga, Brittany is eager to share her knowledge, creativity and passion for the profound practice of yoga. Inspired by a lifelong pursuit of wellness of the mind, body and soul, Brittany left a career in corporate public relations to dedicate herself to the study, practice and teaching of yoga. Her dynamic teaching philosophy aims to create a playful, energizing space that promotes strength, flexibility, growth and introspection, both on and off the mat. Rooted in the connection of breath to movement, her vinyasa teaching style combines challenging, creative sequencing with hands-on adjustments and subtle themes woven throughout each class — all thoughtfully designed to leave students feeling confident, refreshed, balanced and grounded.

Claudia Zeller

After receiving a cancer diagnosis at the age of 39 and completing a conventional course of treatment I turned my focus to holistic medicine, spiritual health and yoga. Ten years later I completed the 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training and part one of the Restorative Teacher Training at Kaia Yoga in Westport. I approached my practice with gratitude and respect for my body. I teach with passion and an understanding of health and wellness - creating a fun and challenging practice with particular attention on the breath, building a strong foundation, focus and self-awareness.

Yoga Synergy-Claudia Zeller

Jeanine Oburchay

Jeanine Oburchay, ERYT-500, has been studying yoga for more than fifteen years. Several years ago, her practice deepened when she met her teacher, Todd Norian. That meeting was the catalyst for Jeanine’s path to becoming a certified yoga teacher. Jeanine brings to her class a joy and love for the practice of yoga, as well as a playful nature and deep respect for her students. In Jeanine’s yoga classes, the poses are taught with a significant focus on alignment. Jeanine is also a Reiki Master and a Thai Yoga practitioner and is known for her sweet assists. Her love of anatomy has led her to significant study over the last several years in anatomy and kinesiology, which have informed her teaching. Jeanine is always grateful for the practice of yoga, and for all of her teachers, especially Todd Norian, Ann Greene, Carolyn Fahey, Gail Cohen (who first lit the flame in her heart and started her on this path), and her students -- who are her most prevalent teachers -- among so many others.

Yoga Synergy-Jeanine Oburchay

Jeannie Stevens-Labate

Jeannie Stevens-Labate has been teaching Yoga for many years. Her classes are geared toward creating a safe, warm and healing environment. Jeannie's teaching comes from a background in a few types of yoga: She has a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga certification with Rolf Gates, a 200 hour Forrest Yoga certification with Ana Forrest, a 50 hour Ashtanga training with Valerie Schneiderman, Yoga Shala, in addition, has taken workshops with many amazing teachers and believes that the "Practice" is the true teacher. Jeannie teaches yoga to Athletes, Coaches, Executives, Construction Workers, Dancers, Moms, Dads, Children to Seniors. She believes everyone can practice yoga and teaches yoga to 2yr olds up to 85yr olds. Everyone can benefit from practicing yoga, it creates flexibility, strength, releases stress, and just makes you feel amazing! Whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for a while, Jeannie has the unique ability to teach to beginners and advanced students in the same class. Whether you are looking for an active vigorous class or a gentle passive class Jeannie can gear the class to meet your needs. She feels it is important to offer up both because some days we feel the need to move our bodies and sweat and other days we may want very passive postures with a lot of deep stretching. Sometimes both! It is up to you, the student. If you are not sure because you are new to yoga, just come and experience what Jeannie has to offer. Everyone can practice yoga. You just need to breathe!

Yoga Synergy-Jeanine Stevens

Kara Peters

Kara Peters has recently completed her 200 hour teacher training at Kaia Yoga. In her classes you will find a devotion to teaching focused, intelligent sequences and medicine for the soul with her hands-on adjustments, proper alignment cues and eclectic music.

Kara first explored mindful movement during her Shakespearean acting training at RADA in London. For the past eleven years, she has practiced abroad with influential teachers such as Cat Alip-Douglas (Jivamukti London), Shiva Risi (Dharamsala, India) and Lara Roux (Yoga Shala in Cape Town) and she is delighted to be able to share all she knows and continues to learn with other practitioners in this Fairfield County community. She believes that beyond the grace of the meditative movement, the depth of the breath and pure joy of practicing with intent, that it is the soul connection one can experience on the mat which is the essence of yoga, and it is from this sacred place that she intends to teach.

She continuously encourages her students to recognize their own limitations and work towards deepening their Asana practice in a safe way, developing both the physical and energetic body. With her strong background in dance, drama, and teaching high school English, Kara strives to ensure that each yoga class is a joyful, playful, and soulful experience.

Lauren Lanham

Lauren Lanham has been a student of yoga and meditation for over 20 years. Lauren has tremendous enthusiasm for and love of the practice that she imparts to her students in every class. To Lauren, yoga is a science and an art, meditation is a way of life and an expression of love. Lauren is certified by the White Lotus Foundation and the Amrit Yoga Institute. She believes that when we practice yoga and meditation we take care of ourselves and affirm our lives.

Lisa Troknya

Lisa began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2008 and fell in love with the detoxifying element of the heated room. In 2009, shortly after the birth of their first child, Lisa's husband Dr. Michael Troknya, relocated his business of Physical Synergy to a larger space where they decided to open Yoga Synergy. It was there where Lisa first tried Vinyasa Yoga and was immediately drawn to the creative, challenging flow of the practice. At first yoga was a way to strengthen her body after giving birth, but after a few years of a regular practice, the benefits of yoga in its entirety, the asana, meditation and pranayama practice, began to manifest in ways on and off the mat; where yoga becomes a lifestyle. She decided to do her 200hr training in 2015 at a registered yoga school. She began teaching shortly after, as well as becoming more active in running and managing the studio. Lisa is currently taking part in a 300hr training at a registered yoga school to become RYT 500 certified.

Lisa Troknya

Nicole Metchick

Nicole is a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance (RYT 200), and she has also taught Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga for several years following a Yale-affiliated Dancing Thru Pregnancy program. Nicole teaches a rhythmic and sometimes vigorous Vinyasa Flow style class that emphasizes the importance of fluid movement linked closely to pranayama (breath awareness). Nicole’s creative sequencing and intelligent alignment, encourages physical stability, increases flexibility, and enhances the body’s natural detoxification process. Nicole has a technical approach to the postures, affirming one’s commitment to practice and offering a mindful approach to living that is evident both on and off the mat. Her distinctive style synchronizes breath with movement which she believes brings the transformative qualities of yoga and healthful living to the forefront.

Matt Smith

Matt got his start with yoga as a form of cross-training for a half ironman triathlon in 2011. When knee surgery sidelined him from running, he rehabbed his injury through yoga and began to experience the holistic benefits that the practice brought to his body, mind and spirit. In 2018, Matt completed his teacher training at Kaia Yoga in Westport, CT and focuses on teaching an alignment based, breath-oriented Vinyasa practice. As a former college DJ, Matt infuses his classes with upbeat music and wraps them with introspective philosophical themes, while leading a fun, creative and challenging flow.

Megan Zwerlein

Megan Zwerlein discovered yoga while studying at The Boulder College of Massage Therapy in the late Nineties, and yet feels as if she has just scratched the surface to this sacred tradition of Dharmic living. She went on to receive 200-hr Hatha Yoga Certification from The Sambhava School of Yoga, an ashram nestled in Eldorado Canyon, South of Boulder, Colorado. Finding gratitude everyday for sharing the gifts of these healing practices, and the opportunity to evolve her own journey. Her classes are transformational, creative and fun. Challenging for more seasoned yogis yet accessible to all levels. Megan weaves vinyasa sequences with relatable philosophy, meditation, pranayama, anatomy, massage, and eclectic music. The common thread in all her classes are sequences driven by collective energy and intuition, participants always leaving moved, inspired, and ready to cease the day.

Yoga Synergy-Megan Zwerlein

Mia Dias

Mia is a 200hr RYT and recently received her training under Gina Norman through Kaia Yoga. Mia believes strongly in using the body to access the mind and spirit and is passionate about being a resource for anyone interested in exploring or indulging in that shift inwards. Mia's classes are Vinyasa based flows where she strives to support and honor her students by meeting them exactly where they are on their own individual journey, whether that requires modifications, a pause, or some hands on assists. Mia's classes are a welcoming space that caters to all beings and beliefs.

Yoga Synergy - Michelle Didner

Michelle Didner

Michelle turned to yoga for healing and empowerment 16 years ago while balancing the joy of being a new mom with a health challenge. After completing her (RYT-200) with Saraswati’s Yoga Joint in Norwalk, CT in 2006, she moved to Argentina and Geneva, Switzerland where she taught classes in English to an international community. She continued to study with master teachers and in 2012 completed an in depth anatomy and physiology course with the Breathing Project – NYC. Returning home, she graduated from Elena Brower’s Art of Attention advanced teacher training in 2014. Michelle’s yoga mat has followed her around the world, a reminder that yoga brings us home no matter where we are living or what we are living through. She shares her love for yoga with teaching that is breath centered with attention to alignment that follows the organic architecture of the body. Her classes are nourishing, generous and joyful inspired by philosophy, art, and poetry.

Yoga Synergy - Michelle Didner

Michelle O'Brien

Yoga came to Michelle while she was training for her third marathon. After years of playing competitive sports, running marathons and competing in an Olympic Triathlon, her body was quite literally breaking down. She experienced pain almost every day when a Physical Therapist recommended yoga. Finally, she found a space where she could move freely without comparison, judgement or a competitive eye; and at the same time feel completely supported and strong. For the first time in decades, she found home in her body and heart when she stepped onto her mat.

Michelle completed her 200-hr teacher training through YogaWorks in CA. Her flow classes focus on the use of breath to find space and depth in postures. She emphasizes proper alignment and smart sequencing that eases her students into transformative spaces. By creating a safe and supportive environment, she encourages her students to go deeper, excavating and embracing their perfect self that already resides within them.

Michelle is honored for the opportunity to share with her students the blessings and inspiration that yoga has awakened in her life.

Yoga Synergy-Michelle O'brien

Sarah Huntington

Over a decade ago, Sarah's yoga journey began overlooking the Andes Mountains. Since then, her practice has evolved in many ways, but what has remained consistent is her desire to be forever a student, and forever learning.

Sarah's classes are soulful and sweaty. Linking breath (pranayama, or life force) with movement, in a challenging yet mindful approach, she will take you through an alignment based vinyasa practice. Expect to hear bumpin' beats to help you tune out and turn in.

"To me, yoga is moving meditation. It is athletic poetry. It is also a way for us to "yoke", to join, to unify, body and soul. I think what yoga really helps me to do is to connect more deeply to myself so I might be able to better connect to the world. But my practice continues to grow and develop, and I think that is what makes it so nourishing and exciting. Yoga is a life's work, it is a life practice."

Having lived abroad, travelled to various corners of the globe, and rich personal experiences, she grounds her teaching in wisdom of a closely observed life. Some of her most profound lessons and reflections come from her work as a literature teacher at Fairfield Ludlowe High School.

Her 200-HR. YTT from Saraswati's Yoga Joint, a Masters Degree in Education and the incredible teachers she continues to meet along the way, have had a profound impact on her asana and philosophical approach. In both the high school classroom and the yoga room, she truly believes that the best teachers are life long students, and she continues to learn some of life's most poignant lessons through her students.

Yoga Sarah Huntington